You know you’ve grown up when…………..

1. You sit down on a Sunday evening eagerly awaiting Antiques Roadshow followed by Countryfile
2. You no longer wear clothes that you can wash and wear, but instead have a pile of ironing to get through
3. The weekend is a time for doing household chores and small DIY jobs
4. You contemplate having an allotment so you can grow your own vegetables
5. When the sun is shining you go out for a walk to make the most of it and get some fresh air
6. You go to a concert of one of your favourite bands and hear young people talk about how they grew up listening to this old music because their parents loved it
7. You are not in the group of young people hanging out in the park / on the street / in the shopping centre
8. Your friends are getting divorced rather than getting married
9. You’ve battled an addiction or long standing habit
10. You find yourself talking about the good times and realise they were over 20 years ago
11. Staying home and pottering is more appealing than going out to get wasted
12. Young male store assistants flirt with you safe in the knowledge that you won’t take them seriously given your age
13. When it rains you wear a rain coat and wellington boots, when it’s cold you put on your thermals and when it’s hot you obsess about high factor sun cream
14. You feel out of touch if you haven’t watched the news
15. You have a mortgage and a savings account
16. There are certain clothes you won’t wear as they make you look like mutton dressed as lamb
17. You have items you save for ‘best’
18. You look forward to being able to have an afternoon ‘nana nap’
19. You feel responsible for your parents and check in on them, rather than the other way around
20. You look forward to going to bed at night and it’s always before midnight