Missed opportunity to join the Mile High Club!

Now don’t ask my why, but for some reason ever since I found out about the ‘Mile High club’ I’ve had a secret desire to become a member! I expect it’s much harder to achieve in this day and age, with the consequences of being caught far more severe! Yet the desire to join is still there!

During the early hours of this morning I boarded a flight home after a wonderful holiday visiting my bf in Dubai. It was great having my bf around to talk to about my experiences in the dating field and all my worries about not meeting someone. As I was leaving my friend laughed and said “Don’t forget, opportunities to meet new people are everywhere, you never know you might even find someone you like sitting next to you on the plane”. Little did she know how right she would be!

Prior to boarding I had been for a lovely slap up Turkey meal for Thanksgiving and consumed a couple of glasses of wine, for someone who has had weight loss surgery this is a lot as my ability to process alcohol is poor so I get drunk very quickly! I’m stating this to try and absolve myself of my behaviour, but really it’s no excuse as some hours had passed before the flight left, enough time to sober up!

I always go for an isle seat in the middle set so that I can get out easily and am less likely to be disturbed by my neighbour if I’m having a kip. Today was no different and as I took my seat I hoped that I wouldn’t have anyone annoying sitting next to me. I looked across at the person seated in the other isle seat and saw he was looking at me. My immediate thought was how attractive he was – a tall Indian guy, dressed well with a cute smile. Then I remembered bf’s words; I smiled and said hello. He immediately introduced himself as Z and asked if I was also hoping that the middle seat was going to stay free. I agreed it would be nice but had been told it was a full flight so feared it was unlikely. Z had been told the same but we both agreed to hope for the best. We began to talk to each other about why we had been in Dubai, discovered our paths crossed through our work, shared a love of a lazy Sunday playing scrabble, listening to music and chilling out in the house. He was easy to talk to and it wasn’t long before Z had decided that he would ask the person in the middle if he could swap seats so that he was sat next to me and he scooted across. As it was we were two of the few lucky people who never got anyone coming to sit with them but we didn’t make the most of this opportunity.

I’m not sure how we started talking about relationships but we established that we were both single and had a similar outlook on dating, relationships and the importance of finding a real connection. As he was talking he would touch my arm and I reciprocated by smiling and laughing, signals were being exchanged! It wasn’t long before lips locked and for the first time ever I didn’t notice that we had taken off as I was so busy! I couldn’t quite believe what I was doing, when did I turn into such a slut? It suddenly struck me that my opportunity to join the ‘Mile High Club’ had just presented itself and I’m sure the same thought must have passed through his head because when I got up to go to the loo he asked me if I wanted him to accompany me! It was very tempting but I was convinced we’d be caught and as we were abroad a Royal Brunai aircraft I feared the consequences would be too great to bear!

I don’t know if I’ll ever get another opportunity to join the club, or if I’ll ever dare to take it if I do, but for now I’m happy with the decision I made! As for Z, well he’s already text me to see if I’ll meet up with him, I’m not sure there is any life in it but hey, you gotta keep trying!


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not a holiday we celebrate in the UK but having American relatives means it’s a holiday I’m aware of and one I feel we could all do with celebrating as remembering what we are grateful for in life is good for our mental health. In the depths of despair when the world feels so dark and I wonder why I bother to live remembering all the things I’m thankful for can help, it doesn’t magically make everything ok but it reminds me that things are never as bad as they seem.

I am thankful for my friends who accept me for what I am warts and all. I am thankful for my cats who provide me with much needed affection on a daily basis. I am thankful for my work which helps me feel I am making a difference in the world and helps my self-esteem. I am thankful for my health which allows me to live my life the way I want to. I am thankful I have a roof over my head, food on my table and whilst money may be tight I do not live in poverty and for that I’m grateful. I am thankful that even though there are times when I feel otherwise I am alive and living my life the best I can with the support of those around me – thank you all.