It happens to the best of us…..!

A good friend of mine had an experience today that made me chuckle and could so easily have happened to me!

Two weeks ago she bought a pair of boots and the soles on one of them had started to come apart. Knowing that she had to return the boots by today to get her money back she rushed to the shop on her way out with her husband for lunch.

They had to go upstairs to the customer service counter and queued for 30 minutes, getting more and more frustrated. When they finally got to the desk my friend gave the assistant a piece of her mind about how disappointed she was with the state of the boots, expected better from a shop that prides itself on quality and its reputation. Pulling the boots out of the bag she handed them over to the assistant along with the receipt and stood back expectantly.

The assistant looked at the receipt, looked at the boots and shook her head in disappointment. She looked up at my friend and agreed that it was terrible what had happened to the boots and indeed she was right to demand her money back. My friend nodded in approval, feeling slightly smug. The assistant went on to say that perhaps my friend should take the boots and receipt to the store next door where she actually bought them from.

Mortified at her mistake but trying to remain composed and not look like she had lost her dignity my friend said “thank you very much that is exactly what I will do and aren’t you glad you don’t work for them”, she turned on her heel and strode off purposefully while her bemused husband stood on the sidelines laughing.