Hello world, this is me!

My first entry into the world of blogging!  I’ve always thought I wanted to write, have many ideas for books or articles, but like many never actually put anything down on paper!  Blogging seems to be a perfect way to start my journey into the world of writing; establish if it really is my preferred way of expressing myself!

Fat Girl


I’ve read other blogs and worry that I’m not half as interesting, witty, beautiful, spiritual, knowledgeable or funny as most of the people writing.  These feelings of self-doubt have plagued me all my life and prevented me from trying so many things or pushing my limits and I’m determined to stop this pattern of behaviour and start to really live my life.  Blogging is just one small step to doing that!

Although I have felt suppressed by my own feelings and this has held me back from so much, I have also had a full and rich life. I feel privileged to have experienced some of the things I have and recognise that even the sad, bad and slightly mad experiences have made me the person I am today; I have learnt from them and am stronger for that.

The big question for me at the moment, is what the hell am I going to blog about!  I see lots of people who have themes to their blogs, or are living interesting lives and so that in itself is a theme.  I don’t have a theme and although some interesting things happen in my life I’m not sure if they’re anything to blog about!  I have always been my own worse judge, now that I understand that and know that if I can accept something about myself then I don’t actually worry about what other people think, life has become more fun and I have become more adventurous.  I will apply this principle to my blog, it is for me, a way to express myself and that may well be different all the time, or maybe a theme will emerge, I don’t have to define myself, I can just see what happens!