For the love of Dog!

It always seems to cliche to talk about the weather, but sometimes it just needs to be done! The weather this weekend has been lovely, the sun has been shinning brightly and it lured me outside for a walk so I could enjoy it. While I was out I met so many dogs and their Owners, playing together in the sunshine and making the most of the outdoor space.

I long to have a dog, they are such great company and make going out for walks so much more fun. Unfortunately my current living situation and lifestyle make having a dog impossible. I sometimes feel resentful about this. I think that as I haven’t had children I should at least be blessed with a dog! It really isn’t possible at the moment. I don’t have enough space in my home, certainly no outdoor space which I think would be important. I also spend a long hours out of my home working and I’m don’t think this would be fair on a dog, they thrive on company and I’m not sure the cats would count as they would most certainly be very put out by the addition to their space!

I have always lived with cats, apart from a couple of years in college digs, and find them great company. I love their independence, the fact they choose to come back and live with me. I currently have two cats and they provide me with a lot of love and laughter. I know that I am in no position to have a dog but that doesn’t stop me from yearning for one.

When I was 14 years old we got a dog, she was a cross between a Labrador and a springer spaniel, she was a lovely good natured dog and I feel lucky to have had her around to comfort me when I was feeling blue. I remember fondly some wonderful walks with her and loved the fact she could accompany me to the shops or the pub; I could take her with me to visit friends, she really was a constant companion.

When I think about some of the children and young people I have worked with, who have experienced a number of different placements over their lives, each one stripping them of stability, I realise how overwhelming this must be. It struck me that if each of them had a pet that could stay with them then I think this would go some way to helping them maintain some stability in their life, which is one of the most important foundations required for a fulfilling life.

I am determined that at some point in my life I will have a dog. I will change my circumstances so that I can accommodate a dog and enjoy all the benefits this will bring. Until that time comes I will have to make do enjoying other people’s and keep on dreaming!


Another year over, a new one just begun….

Happy New Year to you all, may 2012 see our dreams realised and be a happy year for us all.

I always have mixed feelings at the beginning of the year. Part of me is excited at the prospect of a new year beginning. Moving into spring everything seems brighter and it is a time for setting goals, thinking about what we want to achieve and how we are going to go about doing that, it is a time for going forward.

The other part of me feels slightly depressed as I think about what I didn’t manage to achieve in the last year. We are still in the depths of Winter with a couple of months to go before it really seems as if we are coming out the other side. January and February are always tough months, the anti-climax now the festivities have finished, the lack of money following such extravagance and everyone seems to be on a detox, or fitness regime that puts me to shame!

I don’t make New Year Resolutions, if I do I inevitably break them and it just becomes another whip to flog myself with when I’m feeling low and I have enough of those already! I endlessly strive to be a better person – kinder to others, kinder to myself, fitter in mind & body and to undertake activities that are healthy and make me feel good! However, I’m very good at being a lazy, self depreciating couch potato so I’m not always as successful as I’d like to be!

The older I get the more I realise that a balanced life is a rewarding life. Without the downs I wouldn’t have the ups, if I did the things I loved most all the time they would become tedious & mundane and so an element of self depreciation is fine as long as I ensure I balance it with self appreciation too.

There are many beginnings throughout the year – the start of the new financial year, my birthday represents the start of a new year for me, the anniversary of starting my job; everyone will have events and landmarks throughout the year that can signify a new start. Each new beginning is a time to reflect and think about the future.

As 2012 begins I have things to look forward to this year that helps me to stay positive and hopeful. Many of my friends catch me up and will be hosting events to celebrate turning 40. We have the Queen’s diamond jubilee, and whilst I’m no royalist it will mean a day off from work and a coming together of the country which always feels good. We also have the Olympics and I have been lucky enough to get tickets for two events. Some of my family who live far away will be coming to visit which should mean a good fun reunion in the Summer. I have tickets to see Coldplay and the Stone Roses plus an exciting weekend reliving the 80’s with good friends. I am also sure there will be whole host of other events I’ve yet to plan but that will no doubt happen.

I am also hoping that this might be the year I meet someone who tickles my fancy enough to sustain a relationship with, but I also struggle to stay positive about this desire as it seems such a distant dream! That said, if New Years are about anything they are about dreams so I’m raising my glass to all and hoping that we realise our dreams this year, cheers and Happy New Year to all.