Loving the Olympics, hating the congestion!

I am hugely excited about the Olympics. I enjoy watching all the different sporting events and seeing the wonderful athletes so determined to do their country proud. I also think that any event that helps unite a country is a worthy event, and we’ve had a few of those this year.

London is looking spectacular, cleaning up the city for the event has been well worth it and walking along the South Bank has been a pleasure.

The congestion however, is another matter all together. It is doing my head in! I keep hearing Boris telling me to ‘get ahead of the games’ and plan my route during the Olympics as we are expecting a huge number of visitors into the capital. This is all very well, however, there aren’t many routes I can take to get into work and all the different ways are likely to be struck by Olympic traffic, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m meant to do! The website they direct me to for support isn’t much help and I don’t have the option of not going into the office. Today I was in Victoria at about 11am and the number of tourists was immense, all dragging huge suitcases and standing in inappropriate places.

This is almost empty in comparison to what we’re currently experiencing!

I want to be welcoming to all the visitors and charitable about their lack of knowledge for underground etiquette, but quite frankly when I’m hot, bothered and rushing around it is extremely hard to do! The transport network can hardly manage the everyday traffic so I’m not sure how it’s going to manage all the additional people travelling across London. I can only hope that a significant amount of Londoners have left the capital for the summer and this will balance it out.

I have tickets for a couple of events and I’m looking forward to watching the rest on TV. I sincerely hope that team GB manage to obtain a significant amount of medals, but regardless it will be fun. Although I’m worried about the congestion and am sure it will cause me plenty of annoyance over the next 6 weeks, I’m giving London a ‘gold’ for the effort they have put into hosting the event and hope it’s great for everyone.