Anyone for Scrabble?

Since I have been dating I have found that establishing whether or not a person plays scrabble is very important to me. Furthermore, if they are a scrabble player I then find myself interested in how they play the game as it tells me much about their character! I like someone who plays the board, blocking where they can’t use spaces themselves, taking the whole game seriously and playing to win!

I have bonded with a couple of guys online through scrabble, one in particular has become a good friend. We started chatting one evening, both of us just wasting some time as neither fitted what the other was looking for. Anyway, we found that we were similar in many ways including having a love of scrabble. We both consider ourselves to be able to hold our own and soon the challenge was set. Our first game ended in a tie, the perfect start to our championship and we recognised in each other a player of the same standard.

Scrabble friend, as he is known, has become a dear friend who has helped me through a difficult transition in my life. I had weight loss surgery a couple of years ago and scrabble friend was the first person to see me naked, outside of the Dr’s, since my transformation. He was lovely, gentle and said the right things to help me feel comfortable. He was then the first person to see me after I had surgery to remove the excess skin, again saying all the right things and supporting me.

Sexually we are very compatible, as friends we are very compatible but as long-term partners we are not right for each other, which is a shame because I rarely meet people I like as much as I like scrabble friend. But he is not the person I’m to fall in love with, I adore him, love playing with him but he’s not what I want. I’m also not what he wants, he’s a younger man and ultimately wants to settle down with a wife and have children, this is not something I am offering.

Tonight we got on the cam and enjoyed a game of scrabble. He was telling me that he had told someone at work how we had met but they got the wrong end of the stick and thought we had met on a scrabble dating site. “That would be brilliant” I said “If there was such a thing I’d definitely join!” “Me too” he exclaimed, “you can tell a lot from playing a game of scrabble with someone”.

It got us thinking about other games that people could play together – cards, chess, monopoly to name but a few – to spend time getting to know each other and play a game both parties enjoy. Online dating is such hard work this seems like a good way to make it slightly more bearable!

As for scrabble friend, well we still play together and will do until one of us meets someone we want to spend more time with, besides, he is a good challenge at scrabble and that’s very important!


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